Cognition Futures

Cognition Futures is a research team within Orthogonal Research and Education Laboratory (OREL). We investigate how to advance cognition studies through adding nuance to models and theories of experience, with particular focus on: ontogeny & developmental-evolutionary lenses, embodied intelligence, and phenomenology. We are also interested in the historical and philosophical underpinning cognitive science, particular the epistemic trajectories that have lead to current fields of academic inquiry. 

Fellowship Opportunity

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The Cognition Futures Research Fellowship (CFRF) is a dynamic six-month program designed to support and nurture innovative research in cognitive science. Focused on integrating vairious disciplines such as phenomenology, with developmental approaches to psychology, biology, and philosophy, the fellowship offers a unique opportunity for graduate students and exceptional undergraduate seniors to explore how to further models of experience and cognition with greater nuance. By offering research tools and resources, the fellowship provides a flexible research environment, mentorship from Cognition Futures project leaders, collaborative opportunities, and publication support. This program is ideal for those passionate about exploring the depths of cognition and contributing to the field's future directions. The fellowship encourages applications from underrepresented groups, aiming to foster diversity and inclusivity in cognitive science research. The CFRF is supported by JOPRO Research and is in partnership with Orthogonal Research and Education Lab (OREL).

Duration and Location:

Six (6) months, with a variable start end end date: beginning prior to the closing of Q1 2024 and ending before the start of Q4 2024. The location will be remote, as OREL is a distributed, virtual-based organization. 

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For more information or inquiries, please send email with title "Fellowship" to info [at]

Last updated: 2024 January 23