Love your Space... “Kitchens”

Let’s talk Kitchens

We all need to nourish our body fuel with FOOD and we naturally gravitate to the KITCHEN.

Feeding ourselves is an element need, but there’s so much more to a wonderful kitchen than sustenance. Our kitchen should be a place where family and friends feel nurtured and welcomed. A balanced kitchen should be a workable workstation for creating cozy meals, family gatherings and glorious holidays.

I come from a beautiful island in the middle of the pacific ocean called "Guam"( On Guam, we don’t have the luxury of driving to new adventures in the next state to find a new environment and new experience, we need to purchase an airline ticket that cost an arm and a leg to Asia or Hawaii and beyond. So we culturally gravitate to our community, our "familia" (family). Our culture for many years was built around family and food. Growing up my family held “Sunday Family Gatherings”. My grandmother has 13 siblings and every Sunday each sibling and their children would create their best or favorite dishes that we shared at a table in a garage with well over 100 family members (Yes! that's the immediate family, usually 3 to 4 generations). Our day would start with church then families would gather their ingredients and meet at my great grandmothers home and the creation of amazing meals would begin. Aunts, Uncles, cousins and friends would spend hours sharing stories, eating and making memories. What was so impactful was the kitchen being the creator of the gatherings. I find the Kitchen a very important place of balance and it truly all begins in the kitchen.

My job as your organizer is to help you and your family find your workable system that are unique to your patterns of living and personalized kitchen functions. I systemize a functional space that makes the cooks in the family happy with a functional work place that offers everything accessible and as much as possible in reach. There is nothing more frustrating than needing a specific tool for an all time recipe and not being able to find it.

Counter Space Tips:

  • Counter space must be functional, as in enough clear counter space to make meal preparation easy.

  • Counters should provide storage space for appliances used daily. Other appliances that are used weekly or less frequently can be housed in kitchen cupboards.

Cupboards and Pantries Tips:

  • You should never have to move more than two steps to get what you need. To make this possible, organize the kitchen cupboards by category, and make sure that everything needed for specific and frequent tasks is housed in the same area.

  • Kitchen pantries are often just like large closet spaces but unlike clothes closets, the contents of a pantry can expire. Systemize a stocking processes considering expirations. It’s important to be able to see what is in the pantry and have easy access to pantry contents.

Refrigerator Tips:

  • I love using space-saving gadgets and the refrigerator has a plethora of them available that can create instant order.

  • Best way to stock the fridge: items with the earliest expiration dates should be placed in front of those with later expiration dates, just like they do at a grocery store.

Next on “Love your Space”, Let’s talk Laundry Rooms.


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